The don't teach you this in High School

1. The next few years are going to go by really, really fast. Actually, they do tell you this - but you won't listen. 2. The people who drive you crazy, are going to turn into really amazing friends.

3. You're going to miss your really crappy car. Sure, the childproof locks never worked, the a/c was undependable and the radio was questionable - but, it was your first car & it was awesome.

4. Your prom dress will probably never fit again.

5. You're going to be too good for your small town for a while. It's a phase. Eventually - you'll be back, even if it's just for a visit.

6. Some people are going to be exactly the same, but others will surprise you. You're surrounded by doctors, lawyers, kindergarden teachers, amazing mothers, Peace Corp All-stars = and you don't even know it.

7. Someone sitting right next to you in Algebra, the person who knows how to push your buttons, the girl whose laughter can fill the hallways, the girl who goes after everything and lets nothing get in her way, the girl who you disagree with from time to time but have a deep respect for because of her independence, her frankness, her ability to stop and help a stranger - is going to die.

It's going to leave you staring at your computer screen questioning things you've never questioned. It's going to have you turning your closet into a scene from Jurassic Park looking for that black dress you just have to find, because in that moment - it's the only thing you can wrap your mind around. And, it's going to bring you back to when times were simple.

They may not teach you this in High School, but even if they did - you probably wouldn't listen anyway. That's the magic of being seventeen, you're invincible.

*Follow up to They don't teach you this in college.

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