Project: Coffee Table

When I experienced trajedy for the first time as a child(read as: lost a loved one), I held on to anything that reminded me of this certain person. I even went as far as forbidding my grandma for getting rid a coffee table because it was his. Last fall, my grandma decided after a few thousand years - it was time I claimed the coffee table.

This table, in all of its early 90s glory  stored a pleathera of my games: monopoly, chutes-and-ladders and even a few trolls. Obviously, my taste is not the same as my 6-year old self, so I've had this table sitting around for a few months trying to decide what to do with it. I mean, I love the 90's - but this coffee table wasn't one if it's better pieces.

The good thing is that recently I have developed a need for projects. I refuse to pay full price for furniture and furniture that you can make your own seems more personal anyhow.

Here's a look at the coffee table as it sits in the living room. I love how the country chic coffee table contrasts from the cow hide. (I brought the cow hide  home from a trip to Argentina.)

Although I'm still really new at refinnishing furniture - I didn't think it turned out that bad.

I first sanded down the not-so-real-wood and applied multipe light coats of egg-shell white paint. I followed this by using a dry brush to add a little bit of turqouise around the details. The old-school nobs were coated with a light layer of black spray paint.

What do you think?