Social Media Lemonade Stand

Throughout the past few months I have made a lot of new blogging and twitter friends. A few of those friends (Jodi & Jennifer) have encouraged me to apply for Agvocacy 2.0 Ag Chat Foundation Agvocacy 2.0 Conference is available to 75 people who are passionate about agriculture. Sessions cover topics like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, blogs, mobile devise/apps and Youtube.

I applied. Whew.

But here’s the deal. This new professional living on a communications salary is going to need a little backing. Being the farm girl I am, I’m ready to work to get my butt to Nashville!

I’ve already signed up to paint corrals at our family farm (I’m sure my little sister is going to love this news) but why not use my love for Social Media and design to help me… and help you!

Here are a few samples of a few blog makeovers:

I sent this image to @KatPinke at the Pinke Post a few weeks ago.

@Jtgirl at My Cousin is Vegan just started a new blog - and I helped her get it up and running!

My grandparent's even have a blog! Of course - I helped them update their's too! Maybe you guys should stop by  The Greystone Chronicles - they haven't blogged in a while. They might need the encouragment.

The layout of your blog is the equivalent of wearing a suit to an interview. First impressions get someone to read your résumé - or in this case your blog posts.

I’ll design the header of your blog – or help you make your layout more reader-friendly and you can make a donation to help cover my registration and travel costs!

Is your blog already perfect? Maybe you need a post card? Post cards are the new black of invitations.

Here's a post card I made the a Relay For Life event in Januray.

And a more recent one.

If for some reason I don’t get accepted to Agvocacy 2.0 – I’ll take the money you donated and donate it right back to the Ag Chat Foundation!