Glitter and Rainbows.

This past Saturday was one of the most unique Saturday's to date. I woke to the sound of my own internal alarm clock to take a few pictures calves. It's funny how pleasant a morning can begin with a dead cell phone. But, you have to know, the day your cell phone loses it's charge is the day weird things start happening. For example, Jennifer bought a smart phone. This is really significant considering she's never seen an episode of Grey's Anatomy or the Office. She's too busy for technology. She doesn't have time. She's doesn't even tweet.

Hold the front door. Who is Jock? Oh.... Jodi.

Jodi - who I talked to only 12 hours before - is getting married?!

Don't get me wrong - I'm totally excited, but - wow. Is everyone getting married? Is this what happens when you sadly approach your mid-twenties? If she's getting married... and Jennifer has a kid...

That technically makes me the only "cool" kid in this picture.

This really changes the dynamic. What am I supposed to talk about while she's in the land of Glitter and Rainbows? Design.

I talk about design: Her invitations, her programs, her guest book.

I've already made a Pinterest Board about it!

Congrats, Jodi!