You don't need (a lot of) money to decorate.

Please allow me the pleasure of indulging your curiosity - and invite you to my kitchen.

Let's be clear. It's rare I'm in the kitchen for any length of time; however, that's still not a good enough reason not to dress it up a bit.

(Frame: Use to be gold - had a little make over. Crosses - 50 percent off at Hobby Lobby - added a coat of paint. Table - $15 at a garage sale - use to be hunter green.)

I used black spray paint to put the first layer on the frame. Note: the frame cost $30 at a antique store. After the paint dried I used a dry rag to accent the embellishments with a light coat of turquoise.

I used Ree's cookbook once. It created a huge mess that I refused to clean up for 3 days. It was back to turkey sandwiches after that.

I'm pretty sure I read on a blog recently that fake flowers are for the birds. I guess rules are to be broken because I don't see me receiving or growing flowers anytime soon.

I take that back - this plant is still kickin' - bless it's little heart. My amazing friend Lacy made these curtains for me! I highly suggest making your own curtains - you can't beat the price and the outcome is always better.

These dish towels came from TjMaxx. I'm pretty sure they were right around $4. Seriously.

Thanks for stopping by. I promise to have something more entertaining next time.