This is really how my life is.

The dreaded birthday is quickly approaching (Lies. It's still 4 months away) The one where you officially have to say mid-before your age. So - today, I decided to pretend it's my birthday. Without delay I made it "official" and tweeted it.!/brookeclay/status/98385859660877824

When you consider all the variables that make a rememberable birthday it's a shame we don't celebrate more often.

For example, people like to be extra nice:!/nneighborsokc/status/98386204634005505!/jamesdecker2006/status/98388787255717888!/Lola_mesa/status/98390973788336130!/AaronHommell/status/98400869502038017!/teresadfalk/status/98438092125507585!/CalliejoKSU/status/98442963566338048!/btsouza/status/98409988199940097

Oh - and send you flowers!!/flowersandfun/status/98438100803522560

And for anyone who is unfamiliar with "Birthday Rules 2.0," it is customary to get yourself a reasonable present celebrating another year of life. On this [fake] birthday I gave myself life insurance. You're welcome, children I do not have.

To confirm this milestone I proudly sent my parents a text message: "I got life insurance. You're welcome. Buy me an orange casket if I die. Thanks."

{note: I'll try to refrain from using the word "I" so much on the next post.}

My mom replied by directing me to a craigslist find.

Thanks, Josh, for the disclaimer. Why, exactly do you have this casket? Also - this should confirm the awkwardness from which my humor has evolved.

To you, faithful readers and creepers, I give you this challenge: change your birthday on facebook to today! Let's all celebrate!