Workin' on my Fitness.

Exercise is hard. Why didn't I know this when I was skinny? Why do I have a need to hire a trainer just so he/she can yell at me and give me flashbacks of my non-athletic high school years.

There's this girl Sarah (Blog, Twitter) who is extremely positive and sets a realistic example of how to get healthy. (and get this - she's had a tiny human). I mean, if she can do it - I can, too!

So here's some quick goals I've set for myself. I keep repeating: baby steps, baby steps, baby steps.

1. Sleep more. Read as: don't sleep in, but go to sleep at a decent hour. By disconnecting the cable, there's really not a reason to stay up anyhow. Also, I'm making a new rule that I don't answer phone calls past 10 p.m. (wish me luck)

2. Drink more water. Obvious reasons: This will result in prettier skin, my internet research says I'll lose weight at a more rapid pace, and by Ctrl+Z (shout out to all my computer nerds) alcholol & soda I'm pretty sure healthier foods are going to taste better.  
3. Move more.
Obvious. However, I think there's a way to incorporate this into my work-life more. Today I'm going to shut my office door and do 20 crunches. It will give me a quick break from the computer screen, it completely counts as doing something healthy, and it all adds up.
So what are you doing today to take tiny-human steps?