This blog and I have been through a lot together: graduate school, first jobs, second jobs, cross-country moves, third jobs, fourth jobs, funerals, an engagement, a marriage ... and a divorce. 

We've learned a lot, grown even more and we're still adventuring. 

Let's adventure together.

It's raining men...... hallelujah.

If only it were that easy. Actually, it's only raining.


This is where you are jealous I'm sitting on the backporch listening the pitter-patter of rain drops falling from the skies of the 405.

I'm also drinking wine. From a box.

15 years from now I'm going to look back today and wish I was still here. Atleast I'll rest easy knowing - that today, August 16, I was completely happy with life.

I have this incredible giveaway on my blog... really enter here. I have a new surprise coming up. {Announced next Monday!} and it's raining during a drought.

If I were you, I'd print a copy of this post and give it to me when I'm a mommy blogger with rollers in my hair and babies to feed.

Today, I challenge you to look past those pieces of spaghetti stuck to the front the 'fridge" and see the glory of life its self.

Really, try.

I triple dog dare you.

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Oh sweet Rural goodness. I've got a surprise.