It's raining men...... hallelujah.

If only it were that easy. Actually, it's only raining.


This is where you are jealous I'm sitting on the backporch listening the pitter-patter of rain drops falling from the skies of the 405.

I'm also drinking wine. From a box.

15 years from now I'm going to look back today and wish I was still here. Atleast I'll rest easy knowing - that today, August 16, I was completely happy with life.

I have this incredible giveaway on my blog... really enter here. I have a new surprise coming up. {Announced next Monday!} and it's raining during a drought.

If I were you, I'd print a copy of this post and give it to me when I'm a mommy blogger with rollers in my hair and babies to feed.

Today, I challenge you to look past those pieces of spaghetti stuck to the front the 'fridge" and see the glory of life its self.

Really, try.

I triple dog dare you.