Be still and let your nail polish dry.

Someone {ahem, my boss - who reads this blog.... :-)} once {multiple times} referred to me as a baby duck. I view each morning as an opportunity to conquer the world  and look at the sky as though it's the first sky I've ever laid my big brown upon. I don't see the problem with this. I'm a fast and furious type of girl who can't sit still and can find amusement in the most incremental past-times.

However, with this new life change {ahem, new job.} I really had to slow the breaks and decifer through the endless options, opinions and choices.

While browsing Target, which is by far the most astonishing urban-win since I ventured from my rural hometown, this headline caught my attention. Be still and let your nail polish dry. 


As a proud owner of a kindle, it's not often I pick up books in their hard-copy format. I flipped through a few pages.

I read.

I put it in the cart.

I purchased it.

I haven't set a time each day to read a daily devotional. It's simply not how I roll. However, this devotional stays in my purse and during that moment when I have too many wheels spinning, too many thoughts, too many conversations, just too much stuff going on - I stop, and read.

The authors - Andrea Boeshaar, Sandra D. Bricker, Loree Lough, Debby Mayne - have wonderfully written a devotional that encompasses the fast paced life of a girl (twenty-something and/or grandma of 19 teeny humans.)

You should know this is not a suggestion that you should buy this book - if you do, great! - however, just think about it. Be still for a second, put down your iphone, quit whining on facebook, stop texting. Just, be old-fashioned worked-for-everyone-pre-'93 still.