Vintage Tea Pots and Baby Showers.

During my comute downtown, I'm almost always on my phone talking to some member of my family. This morning was no different. Although, {praise the heavens} this morning's conversation could have gone a little differently had I not invested in an otterbox for my iphone. mom: A lot of your friends are getting married or are married. me: yes.

Hello captain obvious. For the record, my parents are completely okay with me being a twenty-something pursuing my career and not chasing after a ring. After all, News 9 did say today Oklahoma is ranked very high on the divorce index.

mom: This means a lot of them might start having babies. me: That is the natural progression of most marriages.

At this point, I have no idea where she is going with this. She's spent a significant amount of the summer playing with my cousin's teeny humans and I'm about to throw up a little prayer she hasn't jumped ship looking for the nearest Grandparents-R-Us island.

mom: Well, I just have the cutest set of vintage tea pots that would be perfect for a baby shower. me: ____________ silence.

This is when I begin sorting through my option of responses only my 15-year-old sister dripping in sarcasm would appreciate.

mom: So, can you volunteer me to throw one when your next friend gets pregnant? me: Well, I guess you can save them for 10 years or so. mom: They'll be too old to be considered vintange by then.


So, friends, if you plan on turning into one of those teeny-human-havers anytime soon - my mom is available to throw you a baby shower. She'll probably even be available to give play-by-play facebook updates if you're interested.