If you throw a party.

Last night I made the mistake of announcing to the wonderful world of twitter that I hadn't slept in my own bed in a week. Big mistake.

On the flip side, I didn't realize I had so many "big brothers" on twitter. By Big Brother I'm not referencing George Orwell's 1984 , I simply mean, big brothers: ones who sit on the front porch with a shot gun when you go on your first date.

For clarification I haven't been bed hopping across the 405.

I've been playing that big sister card while my parents were on vacation in Colorado. For the record, dropping by for a short visit, stirring up trouble, and  then heading out of dodge is how I usually play the sister card.

Not this past week. Nope, not at all. Can you believe I had to make sure teenagers finished their homework?

Lets get real. I didn't do that. I just made sure they weren't up to anything sketchy and had a year's supply of hot pockets in the freezer.

My big-little brother even made me pull the mom-voice I didn't even know I had - out of my back pocket. Apparently, the 'shop' is the cool place to hang out.

Oh, did I mention Jodi jumped ship and got married?

She's such a diva :-) No, really. She had a complete wardrobe change between the ceremony and reception. Falling into line, I obviously had to change out my heels for my dancing boots.

Also - if you can believe this - she let me give a speech at her wedding. In the four steps from my chair to the microphone I whipped up a pretty decent little dialogue.

I've always wanted to give a speech - and since, well, I'm here - might as well give this a go. Jodi, {pause}, thank you for being a friend. {pseudo-emotional pause.} We've traveled down the road and back again.

Jodi: Are you singing? Is this a song? Me: No, if this were a song - I'd be singing. I'm talking. Therefore, not a song.

Your heart is true, you're a pal and confidant. And, Since you've thrown a party -  Invited everyone you knew. You can see - that biggest gift... it is from me And, just incase you don't have time to open it tonight, The card attached says - thank you for being a friend.