My little Farm Dog

Fair warning - I'm about to be "that" girl who posts about her dog because she's been a steady source of entertainment recently. Since the weather has cooled off, Molly has been staying outside for hours upon hours. The other day, when the sun was on it's way to warm up the other side of the earth, I decided it was time for me to bring in the little farm dog.

I opened the back door. Usually, upon hearing the opening of the hinges Molly is already through the back door and into the living room. I called her name - nothing.

So I ventured outside to see a fierce stand off between Molly and her worst enemy.

They were so involved in their game of "don't blink," I had time to walk inside, slam the door, walk back outside and snap this photo.

This - I'm assuming - is the same squirrel who sits on the front porch taunting her most days of the week.