I need your advice, please.

Loyal Creepers, I've been contemplating writing a post regarding {my opinion} of social networking stupidity - but, I'm concerned with hurting people's feelings. However, if I did step on a few toes - I would have quite the little fan club of haters and that's sort of a baby step to "making it," in the blogging community.

This specific post would probably give me the label of "hater." Read as: a hater of the inability to utilize common sense.

The post would skip right over those people who share their daily routines, heck those people probably just need a friend and if Facebook is their bff that's just fine with me. I'm thinking it would be directly focused on people who use words like cervix and dilated in their status updates, those geniuses who talk about drinking on the job, and my personal favorite - the ones who talk about how much they love their partner in excess {are they overcompensating??}.

The thing is, I'm not targeting mothers. I think mothers are quite extraordinary. It's possible I might sign a 9-month occupancy lease with a tiny human someday - so I don't want to set myself up for hypocrisy.

I'm a fan of sharing - I share a lot of info on this blog a few times a week. But, do we have no filter?

If you can't keep your own personal info underwraps how do you expect an employer to hire you and trust you with confidential information?

Anyway, loyal creepers, do you think I should write this post? I need honest, real-life, answers.

{Note: the reason I finally decided to really consider this post is because a photo showed up in my facebook feed of a extremely attractive pregnant woman posed in an oilfield with oilfield baby written on her bump. It was very artsy - but, I just couldn't laugh.}