It's my duty, to wear Pantone 166.

Two degrees + one Tiara = a firm obligation to incorporate Pantone 166 (the official orange of Oklahoma State) into every wardrobe choice during the month of October. I'll try to tone down my orange-ness during weekdays, but on weekends - my gameday clothing takes on a mind of its own.

Why? Homecoming, a kick-a football team, and I just happen to love the color.

I picked these sunglasses up at Like a Rhinestone Cowgirl .  Obviously, I only got to wear them for the first half of the Okstate vs. KU game. I thankfully stored them in my orange J. Simpson purse to welcome the rain.

{notice that chickenpox scare - I'm a pre-chicken pox vaccine kid and proud of it.}

Although I've never signed a 9 month lease agreement with a tiny human, I'm still a fan of their gameday fashion. Football tights? Obviously a great decision.

And, of course I didn't really know this kid. She happened to be at the tailgate - and I asked her boss {the mom} for permission, naturally.

I usually make fun of all jersey-wearers, which is probably why I didn't buy this jersey this past Saturday. But - I think I need it. I'm coveting this Blackmon jersey like nobody's business.

I want it so bad I'm having a hard time formulating sentences that will truly encompass my desire to wear this jersey during the Baylor game. {or Kansas, or Bedlam}

I'll keep you posted on if I can hold out on this purchase - it might be a tough battle.

(I've made a Pantone 166 board on pinterest if you're interested.)