Thanksgiving Month

Today, the first of November, means a lot of things. For starters, it's the day my bank account gets a tad heavier and I get the opportunity to pay a few bills. Secondly, it's officially Thanksgiving month.

So, today, I'm thankful for college acquaintances turned blogging/tweeting/texting bffls who meet IRL (in real life, for all of you old-school creepers.) I respect Hannah {blog/twitter}for the the qualities she possesses which I covet.

You never question her beliefs, thoughts, and/or opinions - and she shares them so eloquently the "bless his/her heart," doesn't even have to follow.

Oh and college bffls turned Pantone 159c-wearers {blog/twitter} who respect the handiness of sharpies at the bar, and marking your territory - for the 9.2 millionth time.

I'm always thankful for friends who love tailgating. Especially those who are pretty - like these two. Man, it's hard work having pretty friends.

Of course, friends who have new last names...

However, the jury is still out on friends whose text messages and phones calls, "just couldn't get through on gameday."

I'll take a pair of new shoes as an "I'm sorry I forgot to tell you I had an extra suite ticket," present. I wear a size 8, thank you.

Oh, and since we're having a joint birthday party - I'll expect those then :-)