Grand Canyon Vacation

I'm not afraid to die. Whoa, weird statement, right? Here's the DL, the guy who gave me my big chipmunk cheeks peaced-out with I was 6. He was a whoppin' 25. Since, I'm approaching the same age - it's a little weird. And, then it's not - all at the same time.

I live life to conquer the world, but because I never want people I care about to have to worry about anything - I've made grown up decisions.

This all leads to this:

*Phone Rings*

Joe (aka, my dad since I was 6, the reason I call him Joe is a later post): hello

me: I need your Social Security number

Joe: why?

me: I might die.

Joe: ok?

me: You can have my money

Joe: What do you want me to do with it?

me: I don't care. Go on vacation, I guess.

Joe: where.

me: It's only 3 percent of my salary - so the Grand Canyon?

Joe: I've always wanted to go there.

me: Well, have fun :-)

Joe: ok.

me: bye.


To be fair, there are different types of funny in this world. I just happen to like mine - thank you very much.