My Sister Tells the Best Stories.

I hate being sick - but I love when people take care of me when I'm sick. I'm serious - it's seriously the bees knees. (I think that's a good thing.) However, it should be known, I'm the worst patient ever.

Really, I am. In an instant I become needy, whiny, and impatient. I refuse to take meds. Really, I think I'm awesome and my immune system basically channels my inner Chuck Norris and fights it off.

So, it's while I wait for my Chuck Norris inspired immune system to fight off the bad guys, I personally feel as though it's only natural that I'm allowed to be whiny.

So, imagine my horror when I start to get sick - and there's no one around to take care of me. I'm now a firm believer that if a tree falls in the woods and there is no one around for miles - it still makes a sound. Because, there wasn't anyone around yesterday/today - and I was still whiny.

Thankfully, when I was at my worst - I called my little sister. (yeah, that's her. In all of my opposite.) I sweetly {in my unattractive Rachel Ray voice} asked her to tell my a story.

Me: Sister, I'm sick. Sister: ok? Me: Tell me a story.

***without even skipping a beat***

Sister: There once was this girl, Kim. She had really big boobs and a really big butt. Me: I LOVE THE KARDASHIANS! Sister: Stop interrupting.

Sister: Kim fashioned an elaborate plan to waste our Sundays by filming a fake wedding to a really tall ugly guy who may or may not be good at basketball. Me: True, he is tall. Sister: Anyway *huff*, her ring was really big, she had a lot of dresses, and it was all a sham. Seventy Two days later, they're getting a divorce. The End.

Me:  k. bye. goodnight.

Basically, my sister is awesome. She gets me.

Today, I'm thankful for family who let's me be whiny when I'm sick.