Why, hello again world.

Whew - how about that hiatus? What, you didn't even notice I was gone? rude. The first post back is always award. (insert some lame excuse about why I haven't posted anything in a while.) While I was gone this is what I was up to:

1. A stranger sent me a tweet (yeah - on twitter.) asking me to ride in his combine. Because I have adapted a "yes" attitude recently, I googled him, and then accepted his offer. Yeah, I know "stranger danger." Here's was basically my thought process:

The ID they'll show on the 10 o'clock news says I weigh 120# - win. Google didn't say he was a serial killer. We happen to have "real life" friends in common. Why not?

So I went. Turns out there was also a concert going on at a classy establishment in OKC - so we went there, too. Of course, I dressed to ride in a combine, so I took my two steppin' self, wearing a hoodie, to a concert.

2. The new ABC show - Once Upon a Time - has my heart. It's a twisted fairytale, which are honestly a more real-life interpretation of how relationships truly are.

3. Stephanie made me wear tights as pants to hit the town. Of course, I said I would only if she wore this in public:

She called my bluff by marching her sassy self clear to the front door. Obviously, I stopped her and declared, "I get it. You're a true friend. You want me to laugh - I'll LAUGH - take that outfit off!"

So, I wore the tights.