What are you made of?

I've always been a dreamer, pushing myself to do things that made me feel uncomfortable - or rattled my core. Often, I hear people discuss their "bucket lists," {read as: things they want to do before they kick the bucket.}, but, really I just want to do these things in general. Not because a guy in a big black robe is gaining on my heels, but because these things, places, adventures are just simply waiting. These placee don't need me to track them down. In fact, they're going to keep on doing what ever it is they're doing whether I decide to take advantage of the opportunities or not.

Honestly, planning isn't going to help me accomplish my list. I've often find plans just get in the way of adventures, but they'll definitely serve as a guide to a journey, as opposed to a destination.

Here's a rough list of the things that kept me awake last night:

Diving the coast of South Africa with Great White Sharks. Digging a fresh-water well in Africa. Skiing the slopes in Switzerland. Tracking a bear through the ranges in the west coast. Adopting a big brown eyed tiny human (many, many years from now.) Walking The Wall of China

Source: google.com via Emily on Pinterest

What keeps you awake at night?