Snail Mail Birthday Surprise!

Man, I love snail mail.

It's honestly the cohesive fiber that connects all things I love into one great package of blushing, smiling, heart-fluttering joy.

I love filtering through junk mail to see a hand-written envelope addressed to me, immediately followed my a questioning of the acquisition of my address. "Am I listed? I don't think my address is on google?"

Mr. James Decker, known by the ladies on twitter as @JamesDecker2006, took it upon himself to seek out my address (from Hannah), find an orange envelope, and send me a lovely birthday card.

Besides the obvious shock factor of actual, in-my-hands snail mail, it was perfect.

Who doesn't love a card acknowledging that one's birthday should be celebrated for a whole 24 hours not merely a night or day? If it couldn't get any better - he didn't just sign his name.

There was some serious thought that went into this card. Guys, this is how you think out a thoughtful gift. Honestly, I love nothing more in this world that to have the simple things.

Also, did I immediately google that to see if Rural Gone Urban was a top result? Do I need to answer?

This guy is good.

On an unrelated (sort of related note) a few weeks ago I hosted #agvodate. #Agvodate is a twitter chat that meets "on twitter" each Tuesday immediately following #agchat. Honestly it's a group of twenty-somethings with agricultural backgrounds who make fun of the dating life. New to the single realm, I jokingly called James out for talking a big game but not following through - thus resulting, in what I would like to think of as, the first acquisition of a date on twitter. 

This date is still TBD; however, I assure you, it will happen, and will be documented through Social Media. 

Thanks, James, for starting my birthday week out on the right note! You rock!