Hey, you - why aren't you dancing??

It's been nearly a month since I sat at home, for an entire evening, alone. Honestly, it's quite exhausting. Hockey Games, Movies, Ice Skating - living. I'm so thankful for the ability to experience life, and I hope to squeeze every ounce of incredible out of this life I've been given.

I wake up smiling, laugh sporadically,  dance - literally - randomly throughout the day. Why? why not.

Sure, I get down. Who doesn't? Sometimes life throws you a few curve balls. And, given I didn't even play T-ball, it can knock a girl right on her cushiony rear-end.

I know that I if meet The Big Guy tomorrow, he's going to say, "Oh, hey girl, way to live life like a boss."

Yeah, that's probably what he'd say. We keep our convo's real.

What would He say to you?