2011 in Review.

A lot of stuff happened this year. For real, y'all. This will forever be the year of Pinterest. Yeah - Pinterest. When your grandkids ask you about 2011, you'll respond, "Oh, that's the year Steve Jobs died and Pinterest was invented." Of course they'll ask you who Steve Jobs was, which will lead to explaining what an iPod was, which will lead to  - "bless your heart, child, I was around when Sony Discman's skipped."

Dear, goodness. My grandchildren are already embarrassed by my presence.

It's fine, I'll hand them $500 (inflation, guys...) and tell them I once played with baby tigers - because it was my job.

It was also the year I switched jobs, changed my Facebook status from in a relationship to single, and smiled as a few #okstate cowboys tore down the goal posts at Boone State. (That's probably what it will be called then.)

This year was fun.

I'd do it again.

Actually, no, I wouldn't. That would be like re-reading a book.