Observations, by Brooke.

Things I know for certain: I love road trips, boys are strange creatures, it's possible for me to not hate mornings, and traveling with boys is a lot better than traveling with girls. It should be stated, I really did think twice about hopping in a car with three boys before traveling from Oklahoma to Arizona. Let's get real here. Would I really want them to know how grumpy I can be in the mornings? Or, how awful I look without a few coats of mascara? (really, not a pretty sight.)

Sure, Sam pretended to lock the keys in the car in the middle of New Mexico giving me a slight heart attack. And, maybe I pretended to know what the boys were talking about when they determined the speed of a wind turbine by averaging the ..... well, does it really matter?

And, maybe they felt their stomachs drop when I took the wheel, but, I've never been around a group of guys who were so funny, yet polite; ornery, yet brilliantly respectful. Also, I hope they're reading this post and correcting my grammar.

Girls, only one of these boys is taken. They're a hot commodity, you should get them before someone else takes them off the market! Really. I'm being serious.

Thanks, guys, for an awesome weekend!