Stop. Collaborate & Organize.

The abstract-random that weaves my life together sometimes needs a reality check. To be completely honest, I'm a tough girl to handle with my high expectations, messy closet and a mind that thinks faster than my mouth can formulate sentences. Yesterday, during a moving sermon, it occurred to me that my life is messy. I mean this in a literal sense. Literally, my room is a mess, my closets are a mess, my garage is a mess - and I have too much stuff.

When my house is a mess, my schedule becomes a mess, and when my schedule becomes a mess - well, it's just a dreadful domino effect that no one really wants to see.

So, after church, I cleaned out my closet. {to be fair, I do this every few months; however, there are always a few items I can't seem to part with. Yesterday, I went to the closet with one rule: If I have to think about it... it's OUT.

Then, I moved to the kitchen, the bathroom, the hallway....

I'm embarrassed to admit how much stuff I got rid of. {6 trash bags!!}

I sit here, in my Reba concert tee circa '92, feeling lighter.