What's my playlist saying about me?

A playlist says a lot about you. Just like the type of shoes you're wearing, how you shake hands and how how starched your jeans are. Really, it does. Or, so I've been told.

Since this was presented to me, I've been looking at what music I listen to - what is it saying about me?

This is my 'A.M. Dance Party' playlist. Just as it describes, this is what I listen to while curling my lashes, looking for that missing left shoe and getting pumped up for the day. Not a natural morning person, I've found this playlist can get me out of my morning funk.


Then there's the 'Morning Drive' playlist.


But, here's the one that's been making me smile a lot lately. A few of the lyrics in this playlist can make me laugh so hard I'll cry and others just make me smile.


.... I guess I'm just eclectic? I'm choosing not to read into it too much.