Giselle's Husband vs. Peyton's little brother.

I don't dislike cooking. Honestly, it's just not a priority. My stomach is 110 percent satisfied after a PB&J or a chilled bowl of cereal. However, with the recent addition of a new roommate  - a Giselle's Husband vs. Peyton's Little Brother party was in full effect. Sunday rolled around quickly, and by 9 a.m. I'd given a friend a ride to Will Rogers, made a trip to the grocery and made my bed. If you're not a believer in miracles, you should be.

I picked up the last pork shoulders from one of the five grocery options in a mile-radius of the urban casa. I used the Oklahoma Pork Council's State Fair Rub, before tossing the pork-goodness into the crockpot.

*If you're in the 405 you can pick up the rub at Wheeler's Meat Market on SE 44th.

Setting the Crock Pot on low, I left for church, cleaned the floors, took a nap and still had time to spare before guests arrived.

Before serving, I checked to make sure the internal temperature reached 145 degrees F, which it did :-)

Looks good, doesn't it?

It's like I surprised you and channelled my inter domestic-ness {or something}.

Hope you had fun cheering for the commercials! If we're being honest, that's the only reason I agreed to having this little shindig!