Brainstorming 101

I never know what to blog about. I mean, what is the purpose of this blog? It's to tell you what I'm doing in my life from my abstract random perspective, right?

Well, I mean, I blog for a living... so the things I'm talking about on (to be published NEXT MONDAY) I can't really talk about on here... But, you can follow me over there on twitter, Facebook, and even Pinterest.

I've been working on embracing my urban life. By definition this means attending Oscars parties. I mean, why not? I did have a pair of shoes I purchased two years ago laying around... they needed to be worn.

And a really great friend to serve as my arm candy. (insert evil laughter...) Seriously, ladies, this guy is legit. The best "psuedo boyfriend" a girl could have. He doesn't even rub it in that he's smarter than I could even dream of being.

On occasion, I watch my little sister show her heifers. I can't let myself embrace the urban life too much.

Is this what you guys want? Or - do you want the I'm a serial first dater blog? Because, I'm that, too. Seriously.