My friend is incubating a human. Apparently this a normal thing when you reach your mid-twenties. (That hurt so bad to type.) Your friends make tiny humans, then they have them, and then they are tagged along to tailgating events. The latter is fine with me, as long as they're cute and don't interrupt a good game of flip-cup. Joking, naturally.

After knowing Katy had a pea-size human growing in her belly I waited approximately 72 hours before I started buying... stuff. Tiny human stuff, in fact.

To be quite honest, it was girl stuff. Why would I be on any other team except the girl team? Their clothes are cuter.

So I bought this::

Of course a bedazzled onesie and a Pantone 166 tutu would be an obvious purchase. Look at it! It's adorable.

Except, Katy found out... it's a boy.

Now, I'll be the creeper with a tiny human outfit hiding in my closet.