Forrest, you were wrong, sort of.

Forrest was wrong, guys. Life is not like a box of chocolates. Actually, it more accurately resembles an F5 tornado. Except when you’re walking with The Big Guy – then it’s like you have always have Gary getting Val on the getner. Clearly this is a regional description of life, so I’m not too upset it didn’t get past the edits. Honestly, I don’t even know what a genter is. I’m just really thankful Gary uses it to talk to Val and we’re all able to get a heads up on our Oklahoma tornadoes.

{Side note: It’s spring in the 405, so naturally it’s only fitting we talk about tornadoes. It’s sort of like keeping your friends close and your haters closer.}

Anyway. Life. Tornadoes.

In life, we can make plans. By human nature, we’re all seeking what we think it right for us. A selfish bunch, we are.

However, sometimes, unexpected things happen. Sometimes the tornado takes a hard right when you’re 99.99 percent sure it’s supposed to head for Piedmont road.

Today, I’m rollin’ with it. I mean, if I have The Big Guy on the getner – what do I need to worry about? My worries are his. My plans are his. My life… his.


If you didn’t get the references, you’re probably better off. Only in the 405/580 combo would catch phrases of your beloved meteorologist make such an impact in your life.