I am not..

I am not a music seeker. Music finds me. My taste is music has never been classified as "good," but it's mine. My playlist jumps from Flo Rida to Conway and back to a few 90s boy bands. I am not an advocate of sharing. Emotions. I like to keep them to myself. They're mine, I'm pretty selfish that way.

I am not type-A. Abstract random by nature, my closet will always look like fifteen little black dresses took one for the team and landed on the gernade.

I am not good at thinking about what to blog about. Sorry.


On a side note. It's summer. Sort of. It's warm enough for sun dresses, summer kicks, and wine on the patio - sounds a lot like summer to me.

Also, I did find my Ninja Turtle cut off T that was clearly made for me to wear while mowing the yard. However, the roommate said it wasn't appropriate to wear to Home Depot. Last time I checked, there wasn't a People-of-Home-Depot, and the ninja turtles are awesome.

Granted, if I was wearing a Loony Tunes oversized T and a scrunchie she would clearly have grounds for a discussion. But, I wasn't.

Sometime we're going to have a little blog post about my awesome roommate. Growing up south of the Mason-Dixon molded her into a southern-belle, who happens to love cooking, which is why we have Thanksgiving dinner every Wednesday.