Growing up in the 317, my grandma taught me a lot of things. As a tiny human,  I remember sitting in her living room  when she taught me the Lord's Prayer. Clearly, faith is important. A relationship with The Big Guy is important. Check.

When I was sick, she would still load my in the car and take lunch to my grandpa in the field. Family is important. Check.

During March, I learned to never, under any circumstance, talk poorly of Gene Keady, ask to turn the channel, or talk about anything other than college basketball. This, to this day, is a big deal. I love nothing more than to call my grandma and offer a friendly reminder that her bracket... isn't quite making the cut this year. Lesson: always begin scouting your bracket early in the season, and it doesn't matter how a team played in December - what we always need is a tournament team. check.


March Madness gives me more than a topic of conversation with my grandma, it gives me a strong foundation of talking... well (this is where I'd say crap... but you know the ladies at church are probably going to print this post and take it to my grandma).