I woke up this morning to the sun glaring through the window, an ambulance siren screaming down the street and a barking neighbor dog. Oh, what I wouldn't do to trade mornings like this for a front lot full of freshly weaned calves.

Sure, I'm sitting at the kitchen table blogging because I chose the 'late' church service. And sure, I can sit here enjoying my morning popsicle because I didn't have to make the rounds through the pastures 'checkin' calves,' but sometimes this girl needs to a trip home.

Because at home, there are a few of these handsome fellows waiting for me.

And Mason jars for me to take.

And handsome little brothers.

And weird little sisters.

And a big shop for my little farm dog to prance through and get her feet all 'greasy.'

That's it. I'm going to home.

Mostly to take a few steaks out of the deep freeze. Maybe some Blue & Gold sausage, too.

That's what I'm going to tell them anyway.