So tired

I have nothing quality to say today because I'm exhausted. Like all the fun-havers, I stayed up late listening to the Lexington Police Scanner. I'm not ashamed. From the comfort of my bed I followed the twitter stream while fearing for every couch in the (859).!/brookeclay/status/187055582656737280


At first, it was funny. Yeah, you guys won. But, this isn't your first rodeo. Act like you've done this before, guys.!/brookeclay/status/187059583301337088


If this happened in the place of miracles and rainbows {Stillwater, people} everyone wearing Pantone 166 would head to the strip for shots and limeys.

I mean, I hope so.!/brookeclay/status/187064394188980225


This is when I signed off and finally went to sleep.