Helicopter Sister.

Let's play a game of "How I deserve The Sister of the Year Award." Saturday, I woke up in Tulsa. After one of the best Friday evenings to date, I've never been so exhausted in my entire life. A night at the Tulsa's Brady Theatre with a few of my favorite people {and my second Avett Brothers concert} and an award winning headache was clearly to blame.

However, I rushed to the place everyone knows my name: Perkins. A significant age gap between me and my big-little brother and little sister has allowed me to get excited, once again, for prom.

Little sister was encouraged to bring her makeup bag to the salon. It's entire contents: bare minerals foundation. Yes, you read that correctly. Clearly, we had to make a few additions. Isn't she gorgeous? (Refer to this post to see my sister in her typical every day wear.)

Did I mention only hours before she was to leave, she didn't have jewelry, makeup or shoes? I'm completely serious. How does this happen? How are we related?

How adorable are they? My big-little brother is clearly annoyed in this picture. Don't blame him... I took 354 pictures.

Doesn't he look charming? When did he grow up? To me he'll always be my ornery little brother. And, by little, I mean.. back when he was shorter than me.

I call this one, "Brooke, please stop taking my picture." Probably because I could make a flip book of her day: before, during and after photos.

If you think this is bad you should have seen me at her first basketball game. You know, back when she was six. I was that girl.

Photoshop couldn't help this picture. I clearly needed 14 more hours of sleep and a hairbrush... and a tan. However, we actually look like we like each other.

For those of you with siblings... you know how rare this is!

Note: It sort of looks like they went to prom together. Ha! They didn't. They had dates, just rode in the same limo!

It's only been... well, not that long since I went to prom. I already regret my dress choices. That neon green fully beaded dress was probably a poor choice.

Sincerely, Ridiculous Big Sister. 2012 Sister of the Year