It's not hard... living urban.

A friend wrote on my Facebook the other day that she was moving to Tulsa and could relate to my 'Rural Gone Urban," situation. Situation? Or way of life? Either way, I have a lot of friends who are making this transition and oddly they ask my for advice. Sure, I'll take on this Yoda-like persona for a minute or two. It's my blog, and quite frankly, I can do what I want.

First :: It's not hard. Living in the city isn't scary (although I refuse to run after dark. This has nothing to do with the sketchiness of my 'hood but rather the amount of Lifetime movies I've watched over the years.)

Second:: find your happy place. For a while I was running away to western Oklahoma when I needed a break from the city. Read as: when I needed a night away from barking neighbor dogs and loud streets. Some days I take a trip to the farm and flirt with the line of pretending to do work and not doing anything productive.

Last weekend, I took my awesome roommate to the Rink. The Rink is the magical place where you can walk around for hours finding summer time projects: furniture to redo, picture frames to paint, random knick knacks that will allow me to have the most amazing garage sale when I'm 84....

Anyway, Courtney said, "this is your happy place." She's right. Sort of. My happy place is where I can turn off the noise of social media and do the ground work of summer projects. In this scenario - it was absolutely my happy place.

Third:: Buy cute shoes. This has nothing to do with surviving life. But, who doesn't love cute shoes?

Running Update: My kicks have been hitting the pavement consistently for two weeks. Yeah, I know, I'm surprised, too. Oddly, my hatred for running wasn't as significant as originally assumed. Credit is due to my update playlists. Thanks, Beiber, I owe you one.