Dreamboat thinks I went Princess Fishing.

Summer of '07, also known as back when I was old enough to vote but not old enough to drink, was the last time I went fishing (well, before yesterday). I'm a crafty one, you see. Caught that little baby fish and didn't even have to touch it.

My lovely family took a little excursion to Red Lake, Ontario where we went a week without internet, cell phones and television. Sometimes, I dream of a week like this. Could you imagine an entire week without technology? It seems magical.

A week where you paint rocks because you are so bored? Only my mother and aunt would bring random crafts on a family vacation. Next time, I'm petitioning for a beach vacation.

A lot has changed since '07. Sort of. Yesterday I went on a work trip to Lake Texoma. A guide took us around the lake to the best fishing spots, took the fish off the hook and cleaned the fish.