So, @MarekAlaine needs new shampoo.

My friend Marek has hosted a question on her blog::

So, friends, what say you? My hair is stick straight, fine and there’s a LOT of it. Do any of you have similar hair and absolutely LOVE your shampoo/conditioner?

I'm going to offer my two-cents... you know, like I'm an Ogle or something. I'm a product-whore. (Sorry grandma.) We've already established this back in '10.

It should be noted my hair can get quite large and my genes are from north of Mason-Dixon - just think if my my genes were from Texas.

So, dear Marek, I'd suggest Redken FullBody Shampoo. Why? Well, it makes your hair have body. And, Stephanie said. (She's my hair guru).

And, I'd go with Big Sexy hairspray. Because Big Sexy is the New Black.

This probably didn't help. Oh, well.

Over & Out.