When I think about my 3 weeks abroad in Europe a few things cross my mind: I made a few poor choices, I spent too much money, and how did I really only take one suitcase. Like most, I'm horrible at packing. An overpacker by nature, it just baffles me how much stuff I think I need.

So this morning when Dreamboat asked if I was just bringing a carry on. I laughed. Out loud.

Uhm? Have we met?

So. Here's to packing.

If you need me... I'll be watching last Thursday's Grey's (again) and drinking wine.

Let's just hope I make that 6:30 a.m. flight!


note: if you're trying to fill in the blanks... A few weeks after Dreamboat convinced me to go on a date (I use that term loosely) he took an amazing job and moved. Yeah, it's funny to me, too.