Please forgive me, Oklahoma.

My dearest Oklahoma - For fourteen years I've given you my loyalty. You've been the place of adoration and the keeper of milestone moments such as my first kiss, my first driving excursion and reckless mistakes turned to lessons learned.

I've fallen in love with the boys of fall, the perfect shades of winter wheat and even the ice storms closing my beloved Boone State campus.

I've mourned with you as we survived tornadoes, plane crashes and droughts.

Together, we've celebrated Made in Oklahoma products and Oklahoma businesses, specifically the hours of 2 -4 when I allow myself to rely heavily on my Sonic ice addiction.

So, Oklahoma, why must you punish me with this summer cold? Why must I long for the Golden Girls, a cold towel and enough meds to knock me into a peaceful slumber?

Is it because I dreamed of Groucho's 45 sauce and rooftop bars?  Weather flirting with perfection and my toes in the Atlantic Ocean?

Be honest. It's because I just returned from a perfect six day tour of the Carolinas - isn't it?

I may be asleep by the 6 o'clocks this evening while clutching to a box of tissues, but you won't get me down, Oklahoma. I'll always love you, but I don't like you right now.