Katie and Matt have been married an entire week!

Once upon a time I had an epiphany. My friend Katie, who I met in college, would be perfect for my friend, Matt, who happens to be my first boyfriend from sixth grade. (It was a really, really serious relationship. We even exchanged notes once, I think.) A football season of walking Katie by Matt's tailgate, a winter of telling Matt of Katie's sweetness and a spring of giving up on my matchmaking skills passed.

Then, sitting at the OKC Arts Festival. We (Katie, Dallyn and myself) were sitting on the curb when a cute little family strolled by.

A doctor in scrubs, petite wife and baby in the stroller.

Katie sighed and quietly stated, "Hello life I want."

It was meant to be. NICU Nurse Katie and Med Student Matt have officially been married a week. This happens to be the last picture together of their single lives. In my twenty-something years I've never been so giddy at a wedding.

In all honestly, it takes all I have to make it through a wedding weekend. I'm just not programmed to enjoy the high stress of such an event.

However, this wedding was perfect. Magical, even.

A slight breeze swept through the Oklahoma State campus as Katie and Matt exchanged vows. In that moment, I thought of how blessed I am to have such amazing individuals in my life. This couple is truly an example of the "real deal."

Note: I could possibly be the first individual to be listed as matchmaker in a wedding program. And I love it.

Because of my new status as matchmaker, I found it necessary to purchase a new dress (J. Simpson) and jewelry. Not typically an individual who fancies jewelry; however, this turquoise piece (purchase at the Cloverleaf) called out to me.

I had the two loveliest of wedding dates. Stephanie and Lacy have been the most amazing of friends since the Clay family made the great Oregon Trail-esque move to the 405.

For 14 years, I've always been able to count on these girls. Always.

Oh, and I cheered for the Gamecocks. From the Penny.

I never thought this is where I would be in life. Never did I dream the friends I made in 6th grade would be a part of of my support system - but I'm grateful nonetheless.

Katie and Matt, thanks for being such a wonderful example. I want to be like you guys when I grow up.