Hot Mamas Needed!

Children are funny little creatures. The really swell ones are the ones who resemble tiny adults with their witty banter and contagious laughter. The thing is they frighten me, that’s all. This doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate them and their respective mothers. I’ve even written about them (the moms). Seriously, how do they do it? Here’s the deal. You don’t have to be a mom to be a hot mama. I mean, I’d hope T would think I’m a hot mama. You know, minus the tiny humans.

Have you heard about this new Hot Mamas Run? An exclusive 5K run (or walk, if you prefer) for women. There’s even a 1-mile baby parade. Raise your hand if you think I could pass Molly off as a kid and borrow a stroller.

Good news! You don’t have to actually be a keeper of tiny humans to participate… just a hot mama! (yes, you are more than qualified if you check the box next to female)

It wouldn’t be an event without a contest, would it? Of course not. That’s why the un-timed, non-competitive 1 mile walk for women and children (both boys and girls) under the age of 12 has a costume contest! Word on the street is that you can push a stroller, pull a wagon, carry your baby in a sling, or let them walk. About the latter, is that really a good idea? When I was a tiny human, if I had to walk for very far I’d sling myself to the ground claiming my legs were broken… and that’s just not fun for anyone.

Fun costume and decor contest categories include Rock the Bump (expectant moms can show off their baby bellies), Baby on Board (focus on babies in slings, carries, wraps, etc), Imagine That (costume contest), This Is How I Roll (decorate your wagon or stroller).

Wait. Wait. Wait. I’m all in this. I’m participating. I’m a hot mama sans 9 month lease agreement with a fetus. However, please don’t scare those of us like me with your baby bumps. It’s September… so, let’s keep them covered up. Unless, well, you want to be a deviled egg.. then let’s take a picture together because that’s just funny.

Here’s the scoop: Sunday, September 30 Mitch Park in Edmond 2 p.m.

Why should you participate? Because I am, naturally.  Or, because it’s a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon with your lady friends and proceeds go to the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma's Food for Kids Program and the Oklahoma Birth Network.

Don't feel like running? Volunteer opportunities are waiting for you!

Oh… the best part. You could register to enter the race or you can enter for free! (I hear diapers are expensive... so I'd probably go with this route...)

ENTER HERE: Win free registration here!