Crossfit & Cupcakes.

This isn't a sappy blog post, promise; however, if you're feeling a little emotional today - stop reading - this post isn't for you. I'm a grown woman. Well, most days. I've gone more days on this earth without my dad than I have with my dad. I believe with all of my heart I'm going to see him again, so this isn't a sad post. With that said, today would be his birthday.

Every year this day has affected me in one way or another. Last year, for example, I realized I was about to be the same age he was when he left this earth for the big pearly gates. That was weird. 

Of all the things I remember about my dad, I remember going to the gym with him the most. It was his thing. At 6'8" and more pounds of muscle than necessary - he was a beast.

Today, I'm not sad. I may have only knew him for a few short years, but I learned a lot - probably. Mostly, how to talk to strangers, how to utilize my big brown eyes, how to live life like it might not be here tomorrow...

Ironically, today, I'm starting Crossfit. Fitting that I would start it on his birthday, don't you think? Yeah, you heard me - Crossfit. Let's just hope that my genes are made for this stuff.

Then, I'm going to eat a cupcake.

Because, that's what you do on birthdays.