Sippin' Lemonade and Sweet Tea

Kiawah Ocean Course

Can I level with you for a second? I mean, let's just go to that place where we're besties and we promise not to tell our secrets. Things I know about golf: 1) Takes a lot of concentration - a lot of skill. 2) It's really great white noise while I take nap. 3) In my previous life working at the Oklahoma Pork Council I worked our annual golf tournament. Read as: I worked the back 9 with a cooler of refreshments and more award-winning pulled pork than necessary. It was heavenly.

With that said, this is what I really know about golf:


And this:


It's obvious why I'd be really excited to be at The Ocean Course this Sunday, right?

Have I googled what to wear at a golf tournament? Probably.

I'm I resisting the urge to wear all orange like my Oklahoma State friend Rickie Fowler? Of course.

Yes, this means I'm making another little trip east.