Everyone’s life is a whirlwind, right?  This month I’ve been on two significant road trips and one amazing plane-trip. Somewhere in the middle I’ve managed to lose a new BCBG pump (just one), cover a Reckless Kelly concert, dress like a superhero, fall in love with Crossfit. Of all the chaos, the epicenter of my world is my family. This is why I didn't hesitate to drive for 12 hours to stay for 24 and drive another 12 hours home. Spending a Saturday night at my cousin's wedding was one of the most memorable nights of August - and maybe my life.

We were raised as a tight group where cousins are more like siblings and aunts and uncles are staples in a lot of life decisions. Even though half way through my childhood my parents moved us 700 miles away to Oklahoma, I've found that not every family is as close as we are. As the sixth oldest granchild of 10 (on just one side of the family) life is never dull.

Sitting at the cousins table during the wedding we laughed as we talked about the first time someone got into trouble in grade school, someone driving the odyssey through a garage door and a million other stories that were so ridiculous they shouldn't make an appearance on the blog.

There were tiny humans. Everywhere. Sitting in the pew was the equivalent of sitting in an all you can eat buffet of candy, crackers and things-that-make-children-quiet-during-weddings.

Am I mature enough to hold in giggles during a perfectly timed "uh oh," during the ceremony. Absolutely not.

It's crazy to think that this entire family story started sixty-something years ago when my grandparents (the most legit people in the western hemisphere) decided to make a family. Sometimes I wonder if they knew what they were getting into.

My grandpa restored the first tractor he ever owned just for this wedding. The tractor secured the wedding's spot as a perfect "Pinterest Wedding."

Not a day passes that I'm not thankful for this whirlwind of a life - and the characters who make it so wonderful.