Tailgating Eve.


It's the eve of Oklahoma State football.

Things I know about football (in no particular order.) 1) tailgating is an art. Whether you're slaving over a grill, wandering throughout campus or strategically hopping from one tailgate to the other it's not for the faint of heart. 2) Orange doesn't look good on everyone. Just those of us who paid our dues in the form of tuition and fees. (And the families of those who did.) 3) Bandwagon fans are annoying. If you wore Pantone 166 last year because you were in awe of the Weeden/Blackmon magic but just don't think you can stick it out with an inexperienced quarterback, I hear Wal-Mart is having a sale on all things Crimson. 4) Traditions are awesome. It doesn't matter if you're jingling keys, yelling "here comes bullet," or pretending you know how to dance during "All I do is win," the traditions make the atmosphere.

Sure, that list doesn't have a lot to do about football. Wouldn't that be weird if it did? I'm not a sports analyst. I surround myself with google and people who don't hate answering my questions. Every now and then I surprise myself with knowledge and on that day friends, I celebrate with a Limey.

I love football because the intensity is through the roof, the atmosphere is incredible and pretending I'm still in college is a little slice of heaven on earth. 

Here's to Orange Friday!