Old and awesome.

In three years (since that time I wore that lovely orange gradution robe), I've become old. That's not true, I'm awesome. However, this past weekend I found myself saying things like "remember when that place used to be there," and "oh my goodness, what happened to that building?" Lame, I tell you. Sigh. In three short years the place where people always  knew my name has marble counter tops and couches? Honestly, changes like this should be illegal.

Mary Kate flew to the 405 this weekend to mourn the loss of our naive college days. We talked about boys, random adventures and how awesome life is. Honestly, if your life isn't awesome - you're doing it wrong. Or, you're just looking at it the wrong way.

Today, I'm thankful the friends I made while a freshman at the most amazing University in the world are still a critical part of my life.

I'm thankful they're around to take gems like this. Seriously, where are my socks? 11 a.m. kicks should be against some sort of rule.

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