Just a funny lady in the 313.

Saturday was perfection in Stillwater.

K. Smith and I have season tickets, and while my attending of Oklahoma State football games isn't breaking news, I thought I'd share with you the entertainment that comes from sitting in section 313.

To my immediate left sits an adorable lady who you might think is a grandmother to one of the fellas on the field. In all honesty, I'm sure she has season tickets to wrestling, basketball, soccer and probably even equestrian events.

Why does she stand out, you ask? It's not her always glamorous orange wardrobe or her amazing ability to stay within the 12 inches of allotted space. It's what she's yelling at the players on the field.

Please note, she's screaming these what-should-be memos to the field. This little old lady is yelling these from the top of 313. If you don't find this funny that's fine. Carry on.

“Gilbert. I expect more from you.” "Defense, Dana has been running this offense for years stop acting surprised. You know Dana, this isn't new.” “Defense, don’t let this quarterback get into a groove. Bad things happen with the quarterback gets into a groove. ” “Good for you, Gilbert. You had a lot to make up from last week and you’re doing great. Good job, Gil.” "My goodness, Gundy! What's your plan of attack? I expect more, Gundy. This is just not acceptable."

In unrelated, yet makes my heart beat a little happier news, a few things that happened this week: The adorable Max in the ABC sitcom*, Happy Endings, refers to someone as Big Country. 500 people decided to follow me on Instagram, that's pretty cool.


Hope y'all have a great week.

*the one that will forever have my heart after using my tweet in one of the commercials.