Put it on the list, please.

Winter Wheat. It's one of my favorite things about Oklahoma. Oklahoma has been my home since '98. The day after my last day of 5th grade my parents loaded up our lives and headed west. It was basically like the Oregon trail sans dysentery, measles and typhoid fever. To this day I'm disappointed we didn't forge the mighty Mississippi for the sake of posterity.

I'm transparent in life, and always on this blog, so let's get real for a second and connect the dots:

Go on, take your time. A few of you may be like my little sister and it may take a few days for you to connect those dots. Bless your heart.

Here's the deal. We don't have a definite timeline for all these things to take place. I love my current job. It's truly fabulous. However, sometime I'm going to move. It's just life.

Drum roll, please.

I've decided to make an Oklahoma Bucket list! I need your help adding to it. It must include everything I must do before I even consider packing boxes.

The list so far:

  1. Repel from Red Rock Canyon
  2. Back road to Eischens
  3. Ride the Bricktown Canal water taxi
  4. Eat dinner at Vast
  5. Sit Courtside at a Thunder game
  6. Eat at Jigg's Barbecue (one last time...)
  7. Go to Cowboys (This one makes me cringe a little...)

Add your ideas in the comments!

Over & Out.