Oklahoma Bucket List

As the first round pick for the up and coming Team Haney, I’m embracing the new title of rural gone urban gone really, really urban. Clearly, this means sometime within the next year or so I’m going to be packing a few (few hundred) boxes and heading east. It will be similar to the Oregon Trail. Replace the covered wagon for a U-Haul, substitute the ox for a 5 pound Pomeranian, and play the game in rewind. Moving on….

I’ve decided to make an Oklahoma Bucket List. Oklahoma has my heart. This is the place I learned to drive on a red dirt road, drove the 4430 (That’s a tractor, urban friends) to school during spirit week, fell in love with a few thousand Cowboys (go pokes!), and learned to be a young professional. Heavy on the young, creeps. I’m still in my mid-twenties, let’s not move that dial until absolutely necessary.

These are things I’d do anyway, but I particularly would like to do them before I change my prefix from 405.. to… (Must look up new area code…)

10. Back road to Eischens Famous for their chicken and good ‘ol boys, Eischens is the destination of many date party pre-party festivities, girls’ night outs and HS football tape exchange handoffs. This is absolutely a must.

9. Ride the Bricktown Canal water taxi It just has to be on the list. This is not something locals usually take part in; however, why not?

8. Eat dinner at Vast Dinner overlooking miles and miles of Oklahoma flatland? Yes, please. This will need to take place at sunset to earn a check-plus.

7. Sit courtside at a Thunder game Please and thank you.

6. Tour de Western Oklahoma: Eat at Jigg’s barbecue, chicken at Dairy Best, and meet the tiny human going by Mr. Setzer. Sunsets in Western Oklahoma are second to none, Jigg’s barbecue is my absolute favorite and I have yet to meet Korey and Katy’s little man.

5. Bring the rowdy back to GIA Cowboy hoops was the epicenter of my freshman and sophomore years of college. Eddie Sutton basketball is probably 1/10 of my love language.

Anyway, I want to personally bring the rowdy back. Think of it as my going away present to Ford. If anyone has a vintage Cool Chicks Wear Orange shirt – could I borrow it?

4. Use the CO-OP card for the last time. For all you small town kids who still have that fuel charge card…

3. Take my Kansas friends on an Oklahoma adventure. Looking at you Jodi and Kelly.

2. Drink a Limey and sign #TeamHaney at The Penny. Oh, Stillwater, I love you.

1. Be center of attention at a gun-shooting, KitchenAid Mixer learning, wine drinking, 80s movie watching girls party in the tall grass prairie of Oklahoma. Does anyone know a place like this? I hear my girls would drool over those Osage County cowboys…

Clearly, I’m going to need a few Robins to my Batman as well as a few sponsors to check a few things off this list.

I think we can do it, friends.