So God Made a Farmer.

Dodge, you captured the passion that is the farmer. Every farmer's story is unique, and I'm thankful for every single one.

I'm thankful for my rural gone urban story. It's the foundation of my life, the reason I've set my goals high and my standards higher.

Long nights waiting for dad to finish working in the shop, taking lunch to grandpa in the fields, learning to bottle-feed the calf who broke his leg during a winter storm, fixing fence in an abrasive Oklahoma summer, breaking ice before school, feeding calves after a late night ‘hoops practice, talking futures around the breakfast table, mending the water gap, riding shotgun in the feed truck, wiping away tears for a lost calf, prayers for rain, education, determination, compassion, families.

Every story is unique.

I'm so thankful for mine.

Thank you, Dodge, for touching my heart.

[hulu id=eguy12snw9vdejs33i5wuq width=512] Broadcaster Paul Harvey delivered the speech, called "So God Made a Farmer," at the 1978 FFA Convention, only 28 years before I received my American FFA Degree. Man, I wish I could have heard that speech in real life.